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Friday, December 14, 2007

Riding the Gazelle
Alas! More invisible!
Needs a Christmas tree?

This a.m. I was a little late 'cause I *did* force that big fat studded tire off the wheel of the Xtra and find a way to get it *and* the assorted chain guard parts I couldn't figure out how to assemble onto the back of it, get a pillow into my backpack, and ride to Parkland. There seemed to be oh, about 20 times as many People Getting INto Their Cars perhaps because a: I was 10 minutes later than usual and b: it was taking htem all ten minutes to get into their cars because it's a Heavy Scraping Day.

Lady at the first four-way stop simply drove as if I weren't there, then made mea culpa gestures when I didn't stop... I mean, I was out there, coming from the left lane (the right lane being right turn only)... but *not* 'lit up like a Christmas tree,' tho' I did have my helmet light flashing. Throughout the ride there was that "just closer" margin thing happening, though after the initial awakening I was darned sure to have good lane position... which Ms. WW ???? seemed to personally resent as she passed wiht her delicate child in the back much closer than three feet. I tried to hold up three fingers but one of 'em got stuck in my glove so it was a peace sign first... and then I debated discussing it with her at the stop sign and decided to just pull up behind her and we gazed into each other's eyes via her rear view mirror. (I didn't want her to have to pass me again and figured modeling vehicular behavior while creating cognitive dissonance was a fine goal for the morning. She looked a tad dissonant.)
So! I shall string that 10-LED thingy from Schnucks on t here and add the little bell wreath before I go down to the LBS to see if they can make her a Studworhty cycle.

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