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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Okay, should have been "won't dissolve."
WOn't melt either; it's too cold - but not cold enough for snow; it rained last night, so I have tomorrow to get the Gazelle in.

Did the indoor training ride last night and they brought out the Carmichael ones and yea, I like 'em better. I love the five-minute "power interval" because of course you set this pace that is only fun at the beginning... *knowing* that some time around minute 1.5 it will get the breathing going harder... 2.5 the sweat and by the end you're ready to stop... and then you get to do it again knowing all that stuff will happen a little earlier and a little more thoroughly, but you can get your mind ready for it and you can also focus on all that technique stuff. (Tho' I still get contrary and every time the man says "you have to..." I want to say "No I don't!" or "Only if I want to *win* races!")

INdoor time trials Sunday, and gobs of snow predicted Saturday (unknown size of gobs - 2-4? 4-6?)

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