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Friday, December 07, 2007

New-to-me term for being totally all dressed up in fifty-seven layers "like the Michelin man" - forget the commercialism. "Like a tick ready to explode!... could you raise your arms up?"

Last night at the Master Bicycle Plan meeting I heard a first: "Someone left their lights on in the parking lot: your rear blinky." Gosh, I hope he could get his bike started :)
Our table was graced with a new hire for the University's transportation planning, and generally people who Knew From Stuff. I talked briefly with a reporter of the "so you ride to work? On bicycle paths?" persuasion and I said, actually no, and she said, "so do you like bicycle lanes?" and I said I didn't have a lot of experience with them, since my route was mainly on streets. And spent some time with the "paths are more dangerous here because of conflicts" which fortunately there were big photos on the walls to demonstrate. (THe 'separate path" picture was a lovely path that went for a solid mile without conflict.)

"left your lights on" - I love it! :-)
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