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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"long commute" commentary from Toronto Star about the commuting vortex and the increasing tolerance for aggravation, inconvenience and the incredible cost in time.
Divergent Amusement: I have always felt like assorted creative protesters are missing the mark by not utilizing the captive audience of Traffic Jams, tho' I suppose the reg5golb yaw5eerf at least attempts it. Imagine what some strategically placed bicyclists could do! (Okay, I haven't yet; the idea just occurred to me.) If stuck in the "send words at people" it could be done with that spray chalk as that Xtracyclist (hsub tsniaga s5ikeb) Republican National COnvention. Not that I want Google to know I've mentioned them ;) (But a *little* googling reveals that the chalkmeister is still out in blogville.)
And now, back to your regularly unscheduled blogness....

Here in California protesters regularly congregate at traffic-jammed intersections. The problem becomes that multiple groups of protesters all want that prime, protesting real estate.

See my photo here, for example, along with Jym's comment. The guy with the sign was protesting the non-Christian origins of Christmas, while Jym was with a group protesting the consumerism of this holiday season. There were also two groups of fur protesters that I saw, as well as the usual gamut of anti-car groups and earnest college students soliciting donations for "hunger relief" (probably their own).
Hmmmm.... interesting...
... what if there were something that didn't add to the cacaphony... that did something different?
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