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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I am half-studded now. I ventured down to the LBS with only employee vehicles in the lot, and wheeled my almost-decorated entity through the door. I was greeted enthusiastically and announced my need for billable labor in the form of studded tyre installation.
Alas, when attempting rear stud installation, there just wasn't room with the fenders, so that one had to be replaced with the Hard Case.
Several customers came in during the action, including two prototype commuters with messenger bags and an entire bicycle (frame and headset and wheels and tires and pieces parts) attached to their bodies as if they were fashion accessories, and removed with the same degree of fond automaticity that a lady removes her fine pearls. Clearly, as soon as I left, a special kind of labor was going to give birth to a bicycle. Oh, and they'd brought soup, too.
I have ridden two miles in real snow on those studs. Yes, "just the front" is still a good thing, though both would be better for getting started and stopped. Will leave EARLY tomorrow to avoid traffic, besides the obvious :)
It's soup weather :D

Where's your camera when you need it! I would have loved to see the woman with the bike parts all over her body. That sounds like some kind of Halloween costume.
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