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Monday, December 31, 2007

Goal met! Clear morning
Crunchy frost along the roads
Just 34 miles.

Now where's the snow?
Got out the door by 6:30 and almost wanted to do a longer ride, but decided on moderation. Glad I still have to go to the ban, 'cause I tallied up the past 7 ddays and it totals 399.65 or some such thing! Never thought I'd do a 400 mile week in the winter time :D 10,002 logged for the year. Of course, Clyde & Rickey do that without the fanfare or the grand finale!

(Of course, the question remains: what *would* I have done with these hours... shopping? knitting? housework? Saved the planet? I shall never know.)

Well, at least you can out run, out walk, out last, the folks who sit on the couch watching NCIS or Bones! Good health speaks for itself and there's a lot of folks who envy it.
wow 10k, you inspired me to keep a spreadsheet of my commutes by bike,
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