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Sunday, December 30, 2007

eighty-eight miles Sat
seventy four more today
thirty four to go

Saw two or three other people on bikes today. Tomorrow's supposed to be pretty nasty but I hope I'll have time to finish before nasty stuff hits. It was flurrying when I finished today's (tho' I will have maybe another mile or two with a trip down the street).

I have one Power Grip on with a zip tie instead of a screw. I figure I don't want to put the otehr one on because that's the side I take my foot off first and there's that mandatory learning process.
I am not sure about the things - it wasn't too weird when the actual shape of the contents did not match the pictures in the directions. I could figure out how to adapt the directions. However, I'm supposed to put a screw through a hole in the strap ... only there are no holes. I guess I get to make them myself. These things should have been half priced as "seconds."
The way it's set up now my foot wants to set on the pedal in a bad way (as in, too far to the left so I'm hanging off the pedal and it's sticking into... and my feet aren't **that** big). However, I think if I poke a different hole closer it will move everythign back and it will work better. On the third hand, I just might go back to toe clips.

My wife has those. She like's them well enough. She used them on our trip down the coast of Oregon. They took a little getting used to and she did fall over once because she didn't "unclip" fast enough.

I know that hers do have holes in the strap where the screws go through (I've adjusted them a couple of times). It would seem weird that yours wouldn't.
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