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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Didn't want to be late so I didn't zip over and do the tire switch to stud out the Gazelle. Okay, the bottom line is I want that "margin for experimentation" before I *have* to get to work. Going out the night before on the Xtra meant I knew its strengths and limitations. In theory the Gazelle should be similarly stalwart, even with the shorter length factored in, given it's got fatter, treadier tires in the back. However, I simply haven't ridden it in long enough so I might have forgotten an issue. (THat and yea, hte light doesn't work.)
I'll get on it tonight ;) THere's always tomorrow!
Wet below today. Hoping to find those Gore-tex pants soon :) It's above freezing nicely (34) and raining... supposedly the "worst" for riding. Still fun :)

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