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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dec. 21: "Bus for bears"
Here ya go, John - and maybe cycle-liciuos will pick this up and maybe ;) ...
Which I suppose could be "bike for bears" too. Idea being: take the bus, wear white,a nd tell somebody what you're doing it for - supporting fighting global warming (which may be rather like fighting a tidal wave at this point).

(Except ... I just don't have that much white and it isn't *warm!*)

Just took the one-studded creature out. Those things really do grab the ice - but the back wheel was spinning a bit :) I was so ferociously inspired by the almost real control on ICE for crying out loud that I rode over and almost all the way put the Gazelle back together. (Parts of that chain case have me cornfused.) Found some serious calming from interacting with mechanical things - p'raps the right side of the brain was feeling ignored or somehting.
and I got a full bunch of hours of Mary Cliff today for hte first time in a long time :) :) Talk about the planet righting itself on its axis. Now Christmas can come.
And then I almost got the Power Grips on ... with directions that didn't match the pieces parts!!! Yes, **I** was able to figure out which part that wasn't quite like the picture had to be the one they were talking about. However, I got to the part where I was supposed to screw something through the right hole in the strap ... and there aren't any holes in the strap. Oh, well. AND - heavens - it looks like I put the left strap on the left pedal. I am not sure they really will work with these pedals, though, so I might put 'em on the Trek instead and put the toe clips back.
Tomorrow's goal: try to get the rest of the chain case on and see if the studded tire will fit on the front of *that* thing. I can guarantee that the Gazelle woulnd't stop at silly ice if it were studded. (I'd wondered how much disadvantage being lighter than most men would be on the ice... cant' tell for sure.)

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