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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yesterday I waxed non-vehicular in a moment of opportunistic exploitation of empty pavem3ent. Raining and 33 degrees, the construction crews were absent from Bradley Ave. It's almost completely paved now. Just cones separate it from the traffic bearing lanes, so rather than cross and use the sidewalk I cruised on down ... and was grateful I'd doen the exploration 'cause it was *nice* to do it on the night ride back, where I was making a right at the end with no competition instead of negotiating across the cones and traffic from a sidewalk disadvantage point.
The backhoes and what have you were back today.
The kirby overpass grand opening has been delayed "due to weather." Snork. December 6 is not to be... what a surprise - there might be days where it isn't above 40 and dry in NOvember and December! It's not as if we had an inclement summer.
Saw 12 or 13 bicycles on the way in today (unlike yesterday where I saw none), including a 7500FX with fenders *and* aerobars and a soul in shorts.
I prob'ly woulnd't have been *cold* in shorts... but my skin dessicates to ash in a heartbeat. I *like* layers. The Wickers are great - like unto perhaps three layers in one! It was tights, wickers, and the flimsiest holy sweats (on the grounds that I dind't want my outmost layer to be "underwear") on the bottom, wickers and sweats and one jacket on top and the jacket wasn't fastened.
Now I gotta go change that stuff into something less homeless-looking 'cause I"m at work :)

Aerobars on a mountain bike?

Also, the reason I found your blog is I am trying to find a mountain bike for day. Campus rec only has basic ones - any ideas where I might be able to get one?
Have you talked to the people at the bike co-op? (Not sure waht you mean by "Mountain bike for day.") is the site and there's an email list. Not sure what they've got rolling around the basement. (I think there's lively contact info there - otehrwise fly me your email address and I'll connect you with somebody.)

Not a mountain bike, the 7500FX ends up being a pretty good tourer. It's a hybrid - but with fast wheels and a light, aluminum frame. I have one and did the RAIN ride on it (with skinnier tyres than stock - I wasn't close enough to that guy to check his tires).
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