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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Woohoo! It's beautiful out there. (It's 1:00) going to go for a spin and then get back and continue this "bring the computer back into being" project - because it's back with new hard drive but nothing else... good thing it's the weekend with the extra hour! Took the last two days off riding (except the commute) but I"m only planning on a 20 mile spin or so... but who knows :)
Lots of bikes out this past week even though it is officially cold enough so you have to plan for it. This could mean people are out next week too, when it's that little bit colder... and the next? My sierra trading post gear came so I've got a couple more balaclavas, and I found a nest of Lost STuff in plain sight in my closet. (Keys, power rebate and tire rebate still AWOL though ...)
GOing to play with Camtasia, too... and of ocurse new hard drive means I get to go get the 30-day trial versions of the Adobe stuff while I look for my disks of my version.
Two and a half bags of cans from October to take to the Goat. Maybe I"ll buy a lottery ticket with the proceeds...

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