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Monday, November 12, 2007

Found on road: Flash Drive. Considered whether owner might go back for it on path... decided more likely it would get blown away, rained on, etc. Took to school. Folders titled "Mid-term project." Files without owner names. Powerpoints with group memebr names. ONe name in common. Attempted contact.
IT's an accounting major so perhaps the odds are better that s/he'll have backup files? It's a cute flash drive, too. Tiny little gigabyter.

This morning I confused myself (it isn't hard). I slept in a little longer than I usually can get away with if I want to be out at 7:30 and ride the long way in. However, since it was 58 degrees, and I'd set stuff out, I was ready well before that. I kept trying to figure out what I was forgetting, so I didn't get out until 7:40 which prob'ly still would have been okay, but I went straight in and then peeled off 5 laps around campus and worked up a proper lather, but still had time to clean up and change clothes (emanating waves and clouds of endorphins).
The rains paused for long enough for me to sneak down to CHampaign CYcle - with its new outsourced website worthy of checking out! No, they don't have anything like the thingybobber that holds my hokey spokes on... but I got advice about washers. Yes, I did get a copy of the "escape map" with the assorted loops just out-of-town, because this Thursday we'll be gathering to work on the "bike-friendly routes" map for C-U.
H-316 this a.m. - going to have to go a little extra to keep it that way. HOpefully the rains will abate by the end of Chorus - radar says it will. THe Goddess Prevails :) :)


The site is generated by software from SmartEtailing in my previous hometown of Longmont, Colorado. They just do software for bike shops. They also provide the meeting space for Bicycle Longmont.
I recognized the SmartEtailing 'cause I wrote a site about an article they had about "10 reasons it's fun to commute" (which were mostly reasons most people would, actually, not think of pleasantly since they were associated with heavy traffic - fine for promoting the bike messenger idea but not for converting the non cyclist... and, okay, I"ve got that midwestern angle...) I didn't realize they were exclusively for the cycling industry (ahem, from that article, it wasn't apparent ;) )
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