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Monday, November 05, 2007

Standard Time is a *little* disorienting, especially 'cause I don't go in 'til nine and it's that "warm before the storm" stuff even though there won't be precipitation, just a blustery blast sometime this afternoon followed by Honestly Seasonal Winter is Really Coming weather which I have Brought Layers for and therefore anticipate a FUN ride home, but it'll be late. It was about 50 when I left so I was toasty.
Might get midday mileage if my keys are where I hope they are. I was trying to "little princess" my way out of the woebegone blues this morning... and between endorphins and the silly dust-spewing construction that stopped just before I pulled up and the kind soul that made the doors open for me, have succeeded (welp, at least until the endorphins wear off... thank heavens for hormones but man, I wish fervently I could control them in myself and others ;)).

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