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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saw my very own (BEfore I donated to the bike coop) virulent orange Cannondale back rack, with its tell-tale red Rube GOldberg made-by-Clyde "fender" (My high-mileage, high-knowledge frugal friend took scissors to an old plastic oil container (as in the quart kind... why don't we have a term for it?) and bolted it to the back of the thing so that it sticks out a few inches which was necessary today. I didn't see whether or not the bike had other fenders (I just gave the rack, not on a bike - it was on the red bike that went Xtra).
Had the weather channel on with the sound down, looked up adn thought "oh, one of those little side stories... what a funky lookin' guy... oh, wait, those are *bicycle wheels* in the background... and found the remote and got it rolling... and apparently it was a Chicago bike place (shop?) extolling the virtues of cold weather cycling :) THose folks in Atlanta had some technical questions and said stuff like "well, that's what they *say...*" (and Jim Cantore wanted the guy's weird glasses).
Now to go long my 21.2 miels for the day...

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