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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rode in via Bondville Road today. So many cars come in on Race Street! A boo-boo there would snarl up the morning right proper-like! Alas, I could tell that yesterday I rode on wet slimy sloppy roads... yes, I will clean that chain that I could hear grinding away at the road gristle working its way in... felt really good to make the wheels on the bike go round and round and the muscles in the legs do the same. (Yea, for a while they wanted the harmony of clipless. I told 'em I'd try to get those power grips on and we'd see... first I gotta find 'em again...) 42 degrees - H - 316 at the start.
Still contemplating double metric Saturday... even if I've got that nasty old back tire on the Trek for the trainer to ride into shreds. I was pleased to successfully make the switch (okay, and I *knew* it would be easier to put back on than the Bontrager Hard Case tire...).

And this just in from Cycle-licious - so you're thinking it's not practical to promote cycling in a cold place like Illinois? (CBF to the contrary) Ontario has exempt cycling stuff (under $1000) from sales tax for the purpose of encouraging people to use those things. Some commenters aren't satsified 'cause it's not more global and yea, favors the Big Box sales. I dunno, I can get a nice bike at my biek shop for under a grand...

I was making a late commute this morning and rode by you on Rising between Bradley and 10--until I got close enough to see the Xtracycle I was trying to figure out who else would be out that way with panniers. :-)
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