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Thursday, November 15, 2007

A little chilly this morning. I wore the "wickers" thermal top I got from Sierra Trading Post. I think it is quite toasty. I ordered two more, wondering if the indication that "small" is for sizes 4-6 is size deflation, because it fits me and folks, ain't no way my measuremetns match the ones they list (Just ask Bali).
AFter yesterday's dropping of the quarters (twice), today I found one.
Did I mention that my keys found me? Or are trying to? It will be rully nice to have the keys to my office, and something else that I am forgetting except when I can't do it because I don't have my keys... oh, yea ;) it'll be nice to *have* the grocery store discount tags back.
I've been riding on the newly painted bike lanes through campus... the pavement coudl use a little improvement (but that's a lot more involved than painting), but I like the way they fade out politely near the intersections. Can't help but think that it's a subtle education for riders and drivers both. Yea, I have mixed feelings about being relegated to the margins but that's at least an arguable point, as opposed to the Old Way with the bike paths plowing through bus stops.

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