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Sunday, November 04, 2007

IT's windy today, but that's not why I"m not doing an afternoon ride - I'm going to be doing some more moving. STill got to ride to church and will head out to Savoy later - time to change the batteries on the string on the snapdeck, and hopefully that will return that string to working order. As the batteries failed, the lights woudln't turn off. I can still just pull the batteries instead of hitting the switch.
I've seen some fun-looking things in catalogs - solar poinsettias and strings of light that have a solar charger. They're over twenty bucks, though, and are "auto off/on," and they're not designed to go on a bicycle. I did some googling and found a "" ... which I suspect was a marketing avenue that failed, since the site's a 404, but the description included "bicycle."
It's been fun reading the Xtracycle Yahoo Group forum where we've been asked to answer questions about our Xtracycle purchase experience. Everybody *on the forum* with the exception of myself said they fell in love with the Xtracycle when they found it online. THey were almost all - including myself - already fond of transportational cycling, and to varying degrees utilitarian cycling. Cagers were not seduced outright, in other words, and I"m thinking my premise that had I not been having a ridiculously slow time at wokr and therefore spent about ten times as I would have surfing their site, I would have not gotten past the "that looks kinda cool, but it's obviously for a small niche market of Californians iwth too much discretionary income." I know the tipping point was the - I figured if I was flushing money away on something that wouldn't enhance my cycling experience, at least I was flushing it to a good place.
H-316 today.. silly Saturday centuries! 10K - 1549 . Tomorrow's supposed to be blustery so I don't think I"ll go the long way in the a.m.
Got busted for doing gratuitous campus laps by an English professor, but in the context of that being perfectly comprehensible behavior; she'd run laps around campus herself. THere's something to be said for a culture where exercise is normal and I'd love to do a spontaneous survey of Parkland vs. oh, other community colleges, the U....

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