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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's supposed to be the "last mild day" for a while. 50 this a.m. Breeze from the west and I had bills to mail and to switch out bikes so I just did a loop at the beginning and end.
Pulled up to Lincoln as a man was trudging across it with a briefcase. I eyed the traffic to my left and started easing out myself and noticed ... he was walking back. I smiled, wondering if he was having to backtrack or was rethinking his plans or... and heard the clink of... yea, a quarter, in the middle of the road. PUlled over and he'd turned to pick it up for me... one of those "can't do that in a car" moments... except
... Prospect and Church, by teh Pavilion, here's this lady conversing with somebody on the street... except she's still driving forward. Now, I assume she knew that pedestrian was there, but I asked myself: are the behaviors that make the bike commute enriching and day-brightening exaclty the same kinds of behaviors that are "distracting" and dangerous when driving?
This is your free-writing assignment for the day, students. Compose an essay and submit it at the end of the class period. Don't forget to check your spelling :-) )

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