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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I share the bemusement expressed at cycle-licious at the Pearl Izumi marketing approach. Look carefully- the script at the bottom of the tank reads "Satan's Energy Drink." Hmmm.... I completely sympathize with the sentiment that evil is done in the name of oil, but Pearl Izumi's market would seem to indulge in a lot of that...
I was in the middle of posting this when I got in four totally gratuitous miles "thanks" to the fire alarms going off.
Don't know whether it's because of our 'boil order' evacuation or memories of Virginia Tech or not, but it seemed ot me people filed out in good form with much less of previous alarm "um, duh, like, what are we supposed to do about that?" Nobody seemed particularly *alarmed,* though, and all the comments I heard were to the tune of "what a day for a fire drill." I had left the tights on under my skirt so I tucked the skirt in and rode around campus a few times.

We had a fire drill at work yesterday also. The weather here was probably low 60s and sunny. Brrr! :-)

I missed your haiku earlier -- I owe you a link!
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