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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have reserved a rental car for the morrow. I think it's time for a rental car company to figure out the imminent trend. The marketing ploy: "Just the car you need!" As in: perhaps your co-habiting familial-type unit could use one fewer automobile if you a: used other transportation for the short stuff and b: rented for specific events (like when all eight of you had to go to the bingo tournament or RAGBRAI). You can rent *exactly* the car you need, so that you own *only* what you need, for double use of the word 'just.'
A marketing question would be wehther to promote savings in our CONSUME CONSUME society - it could be done either as a social shift ... *or* because it would enable a person do SPEND on other things. Yea, that's the ticket - something *like* the "priceless" theme of credit card sales. Can you picture the images: pouring gasoline into a tank at a convenience store, with a parked car with the engine running and fumes emitting near enough to imbue us with negativity... perhaps an image of deserts and oil fields in the background (but somehow convey Middle East as opposed to TExas for fear of waxing Unamerican?) ... "Fuel this.. or ...Fuel yourself!" (Or, "who are you fueling?") and have an image of someone dining at a fine restaurant... maybe cash in on the "chic cyclists" theme and show fine fashion that's rideable. (Maybe with valet cycling parking?) (Digression: What's in *your* litter box?) ... or camping in a fine fine *green* place.
Or it could simply be a green theme, tho' then it would make sense that there would be the odd hybrid to rent.
There could be "frequent renter" miles or a discount on insurance the third time out for people who don't own cars...
And, OF COURSE, a vital aspect of this is promoting those other forms of transportation by gearing YOURS TRULY out in a bicycle to ride to Colorado next summer, because we'd do it knowing that we could rent a car for the drive back, or we'd have a support crew in a rental.
Hertz ? Enterprise ? I wanna hear from you... Have your agent call my agent...

The 2 local Enterprise locations are on my speed dial for the times I need a car, which is maybe three or four times a year. I never thought of your suggestion, though, that rental companies should push themselves as a way to help consumers reduce the "total cost of ownership" of transportation. Genius.

Have a good Thanksgiving, Sue.
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