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Thursday, November 29, 2007 - the "ethics of transportation."

The last minute or two are the ones I like the best; I think the message is, alas, simply as foreign to most folks as oh, the Chicago winter bike snippet was last night to teh Weather Channel staff... but at least the voices are getting out there. It didn't actively inspire me until it showed snippets of New York in a snowstorm and the way people come out and actually talk to each other and interact, etc... and proposed the idea that hey, that could be NORMAL.
Thus, not a novelty-caused camaraderie... a natural state of cohesiveness; simply a much higher daily level of solidarity and the happiness that accompanies that. Let's face it, the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted longer than a snowstorm. Hmmm... we do get compassion fatigue - but that's the 'chipping in for people who are far away and suffering." Is the secret to combatting compassion fatigue getting more psychological (tho' I definitely think there are hormones involved) reward by being actually involved... in a way that's integrated into life instead of sucking away from it (and therefore, perhaps, separating compassion from our "real lives.")

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