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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here's something worth a "tag" for - except I think it might have already been done... but I didn't understand the directions. I wanted to get info on breadmakers (but decided to just make pan de muerto by hand and, minor miracle / beginner's luck, it worked!) ... so I figured out how to have Google send me an "alert" every time bread maker shows up in a blog.
It's pretty entertaining. One in oh, 8 so far has been a non-blog link to sites of undesirable (or highly desirable, depending on your perspective) nature, and the others are of that randomness that I am not sure I can stand to stop, unless it's to pick some other term and just see what happens. It's most fun with an innocuous term like 'bread maker.' Still, I might have to try it with, oh, Xtracycle or Gazelle :)

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