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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you saying THANKs giving or thanks GIV ing? (Or are you a person who doesn't hear the accents?)

Tuesday I'll be singing in our concert at the church on the corner of SPringfield and Wright (Something Disciples... no, that's *not* the exact name... but that's an intriguing thought :) :) ) - so go there 'cause we start at 7:00, after you've gone to Champaign City Hall. Can Champaign figure out that 'paying it forward' is a good idea for transportatin and planning? Let's add our voices, SATB or otherwise :) (that'll be me, the bisectional one, sneaking back and forth between alto and soprano...)

You are invited to attend an Open House on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Champaign City Hall, 102 North Neil Street.

The City of Champaign has concluded the process to create the City's new Transportation Master Plan. At the Open House the public can learn and provide input on the draft plan. Immediately following, the plan will be presented to City Council at a Study Session meeting.

"Champaign Moving Forward" is the Transportation Master Plan for the City of Champaign and its projected growth area. "Champaign Moving Forward" will become an element of the Comprehensive Plan and will replace the existing Transportation Plan developed in 1992. The Plan creates a vision for a multi-modal transportation system that helps achieve the City's goals of sustainable growth. The Plan answers questions such as,

● What transportation improvements are needed to serve the future growth of Champaign?
● What are the options for funding needed transportation improvements?

Recent growth in the City of Champaign has created a need for several improvements in the transportation system. As the City continues to grow, the City's transportation needs grow as well. Additionally, the rising costs of energy are causing residents to question how they can more economically travel throughout the community.

"Champaign Moving Forward" calls for a balanced transportation system that offers choices for travel. The plan recommends policies and actions for the City to consider for successful implementation. The transportation choices we make today will affect not only where we live, work, and play, but our community's health, economic vitality, quality of life and affordability.

The draft plan can be reviewed in its entirety at Materials that will be presented at the open house will also be posted on the website and visitors are able to leave comments for Staff electronically as well.

For additional information on the Transportation Master Plan and the Open House on November 27, please contact Rob Kowalski, Assistant Planning Director at 403-8800 or

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