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Monday, November 19, 2007

45 degrees going in and it's supposed to get to 60-some. Honestly lost count of the bicycles - at least 12 - on the way in. Three or four of 'em were sidewalk warriors, though reasonably safe ones... but I did pass 'em several times 'cause they were creative at the stop lights and I wasn't. (Same with the two ladies jogging ;)) Made me wonder about the impact on traffic if the sidewalk thumpers all came out on to the streets. Would it slow the cars down more? Make pedestrians happier?

The Bicycle Master Plan got covered on WILL but I was compelled to "contact WILL news" simply 'cause they *had* to introduce it with something like "six months ago the city of Urbana sought public input on their outline of bike paths." Of course, that evokes the image of separate paths thatjust don't really make sense in most places in this town. FOrtunately Brandon Bowersox described the plan's goals in some detail, including that everyone should be within half a mile of a safe route so they can "ride to school or work." That's right, more than "pedal around with the kiddos on Saturday morning at Meadowbrook," *get to work.*

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