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Friday, October 05, 2007

YEsterday was kinda fun. Forgot all about the plan to get up obscenely early and ride long and contemplate graphic visualizations of negative numbers. TUrned out okay 'cause I decided to do balance pan equations instead.
Missed looking forward to the "training for the century" rides with folks, but then rode home via Bondville and recalled what I'd been missing riding out on my own... hard when you want to... back off when you want to: Personal intervals. Even though it doesn't feel like it at all, I started thinking about those indoor time trials and the kind of riding that would be actually training for that... the indoor training rides... and that hey... if I don't get silly, I *won't* weigh 153 pounds for them. This month still 138. Power to weight ratio might just be significantly different... look out, Mr. Searles ;) :)

On that very last loop home I'm going west on church and hit a bump and ... dribble dribble dribble... dang it, lost that bite valve. Foreshadowing? I haven't thought of "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" in years... alas, *this* morning I forgot all about the plan to get up obscenely early and ride out to look for it. However, I've got two other camelbaks and perhaps the bladdrs are interchangeable. (This led me to contemplate how easily a smaller bladder could be tucked somewhere for gin-smuggling into public events... which would matter if I attended that many public events or desired to consume gin at them... perhaps wine...

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