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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Timing is everything!

Earlier this week I was riding late and approached Prospect and thought, "This is five minutes before the hour...'rush minute.' What are my options?" So I turned up a New Street - hooray, it's not brick! - and went to Church early. (Okay, sometimes I do that at Holy Cross on the way, but I mean Church Street that is westbound one-way.) It has a light at Prospect. Even better, it has no stop signs between Prospect and Mattis. Yippee!

Today I wasn't running late (but not as early as yesterday). I forgot I was going to take new Street until I got to Prospect and it was all busy and stuff (by midwest standards anyway), so I just turned around, for the extra tenth of a mile, ... but crossing University (one way east bound) was a royal bunbite, I *think* 'cause there were people getting to the school on the corner. Oddly, there were a couple of little gaps and both times the car in front didn't close the gap... but widened it by slowing down noticeably. I'm thinking it's a lot of locals who know it's a congestion moment... but I'm going to try to be early or late for it and see how it goes.

Could be interesting weather later today, but right now this chunk of illinois is in a veritable island of "just cloudy and windy" stuff with green all around.

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