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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So I decided to duck into Freedom for a beer even if parking is a pain. I leave the helmet on the bike and think I'll be inconspicuous, though I've still got my balaclava on, 'cause it's just chilly enough tho' others wouldn't.

I go in and I'm treated novelly anyway. Find two ones... or he does, tucked into my dollars... and I say I don't need a bag and he says yes, I do and I remember as he says to the lady he's chatting with yes, in the state of Illinois... and I'm leaving and he says "don't fly away!!!" and I say " I'm riding away!" and wonder what's up... and then realize that of course, I'm sans helmet but I"ve still got my dayglo camelbak *with* blinking multicolor LEDs.

I"ll fly away, indeed !

Cute story.
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