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Friday, October 19, 2007

Must be my Celtic (as in /kel-tic/) blood, but hopping on the bike at 53 degrees, blustery and cloudy is an instant rush. I even wore shorts just because.
Last night I had all these wisps of wistfulness winding through my body-mind-heart-soul-continuum and the wisps were starting to get sinewy 'til I checked my email and saw a missive from Clyde who I haven't conversed with in too long. Caught up with the assorted events of the summer, sent back my own feeling like I'd had more fun than they conveyed, but that's because this year has just been a little more alive, which was, I figured part of why wandering wistfulness would come on stronger, too.
This a.m. had its chicken soup/CHarlotte Armstrong moment when I woke up and dredged from the memory where I was and what was on the cafeteria tray of life... and out popped "Oh yea, that's right, today I get a chance to..." and the thought trailed off what?!?!? Mentally check schedule. Grin. Silly dweeb, it's like a fortune cookie. Today is full of chances to. There's your gift, run with it. The keening longing is still there but it's more a spice... the tequila in the margarita including lime and salt, which of course you have to monitor the intake thereof, but much sweeter than that nasty shot you try to swallow, grimace, and wait for numbness therefrom.
Okay, end of soupiness. It's my chance to :)
FIve or six bikes on the way in. Got to Prospect again before I remembered I was going to do New. Turned around because things were backed up *to* Clark from University, then turned around again because I didn't want to deal with the garbage truck between me and New, and in that thirty seconds the intersection had cleared.
It is, howeer, less than 6 miles from current dwelling to Parkland. Laps are in order :)

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