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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hmmm... it's been how many days ?!?!? It's tough without a computer of my own.

Sunday before last my Xtra was blessed. Well, it's always blessed adjectivally, but this was verbally blessed.

Distraction: ya you bet!!! DIG the volvo ad about "life is better lived togehter" that has the lady endurance biker. DUDES. Bicycling **IS** the new Golf. (Okay, I have also been away from TV... the Weather channel...)

back to regularly unscheduled program: you see, a priest was visiting from Guatemala, going to say Mass at 1:00 in a Mayan language... was at our ('regular' - lots of Korean) Mass, too. So I was leaving helmet in hand and he inquired... and was simply uplifted at the idea that somebody rode a bike. "If more people in America would do that..." THis is a guy who knows from war and real;ity... we went out and I showed him the Xtra and now it's blessed.

Also got funky helmet cover which it hasn't been yukky enough to use yet.

So was the priest's blessing a very pointed blessing directed specifically at your bike and your bike alone? Or was it a sort of blessing for bikes in general with yours as the example? I ask because my bike could use a little of that God's Love...
It was a very pointed blessing directed at my bike's top tube ;)
Very cool!
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