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Monday, October 08, 2007


Here's a nifty little stencil on the bike path out at Windsor. When I rode by the third one I realized what it was and went back for pictures the next day. Those guys move fast ... tho' I wonder who exactly put that stencil down there. (I have secretly wanted to put a few creative stencils in a few places!)

What's it supposed to be? Do I need to rotate the image?
The stencil is upside down but when I rotated the image it made no visual sense at all with the rumble strip.
Among our local elite athletes are handcyclists and Windsor is on their training route. See (I found an "official" site for handcycling but they're redoing the site and it wont' be up 'til... yesterday...)
Okay, i see it now.

I rode a couple of times with an Olympic handcyclist there in Urbana. Her name escapes me for the moment... This was years and years ago so she may not even live there anymore.

I borrowed a handcycle from another friend in Champaign -- waaaay fun to ride! He was starting up an equine therapy center for handicapped children somewhere in central Illinois; I don't think he ever got it off the ground but he was an amazing positive guy.
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