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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Got a little damp last night - tho' I can't blame the weather, really, since I tried to squeeze a lap or two around campus, since I couldn't get back in the office to peek at the radar as usual. It was only raining ... then it backed off... and then I heard a car approaching - except it wasn't a car, it was the downpour.
The multicolored lights on my camelbak are now on all the time (except when I take a battery off). The ones on the frame are fine. Of course, the light on the helmet is fine. THe multicolored one were labeled online as indoor/outdoor, but the box says indoor only... but they *are* sturdier than the Walgreen's specials of last year (and bigger and brighter, tho' I don't know the effect on battery life).

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