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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Going to have to go out tomorrow a.m. and snap a picture of the stencil on the Windsor bike path. Is it sanctioned? Or creative civil contribution? You'll see ... it took about the third one before I realized it *wasn't* just a side view of a bicycle.

Rode into campus town tonight, and back at 9:0 ish. SHould hve been BODACIOUS. AFterall, it is a HOT October night... and the fearless Illini broke Wisconsin's longest-in-the-nation winning streak on thefoodball field today. In other places I've lived (near College Park, MD & Dover DE) this meant "takeanything flammable off the porches and hide your cats" as drunken morons raved in destructive mania.

Yes, there were scads and scads and scads of students out in the streets... probably intoxicated. I dunno... maybe not? They were NOT looking for trouble. Drunken shmurgleheads tend to respond to a traveling light show. It made me wonder... what is it that makes people "look for trouble?" Hmmm... perhaps the liquor industry has found an ingredient to add... a little Paxil in themix? The most rambunctious response I got was pulling out of my driveway not even that close to campus, from a driver, who was muttering... "Ain't nobody gonna miss you!" Not even, "Got enogh )(*( lights?" ... though, what I really like about the current set up is that it's my helmet light and one string of multicolored ones to turn on. That's it. The light up on the helmet RULES, dude.
Saw hokeyspokes going by in the distance and they weren't Peggy's. My, they're bright!
Am being hounded by felines who are pining for their people.

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