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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brisk a.m. - overlayered. TIghts and sweats - but then tossed the gore-tex on top. However, yesterday the tights and sweats left me on the fringes of the "you feel fine but your skin will be dried out and unhappy" category. Turtleneck, fleece and Goretex on top - could have done w/o turtleneck (or prob'ly cotton in between). Remember to self: when the layer next to the skin is cotton it defeats the point of wearing the wicky stuff.
"How long does it take you to thaw?" ... don't you mean cool off? Had to procure hot hands to co-worker. Folks on those little scooters... now *they* are cold. Hugs at ya - get a bike with a heater like mine!

You aren't kidding. On my upper body, all I wore was a wicking long-sleeve shirt (technically thermal wicking underwear) under a windbreaker, and I had to all-but remove my damned windbreaker before I even got 5 miles into my ride.

I could have quite literally worn just that shirt and nothing else for my 14-mile journey this morning, even though it was close to freezing.
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