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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yesterday I went by the bike shop for Tri-LUbe for the Bike Coopwho were having a wheel-building frenzy. Got the chain checked at the same time. Measured fine... but it was a "slow Saturday." They had that bicycle up on the stand and the adjustmentizers going and the tri-lube going into all these little brakey parts and because it was a slow Saturday Suddenly I had a new noodle and cable and all kinds of unnamed parts were flying around and little tri-lube droplets dribbling everywhere. I didn't knew mechanickizing was so much fun to watch!

The day before yesterday was also a day of Purchasing New STuff, which I will attemptto put photos up for when I find the little cable. THe new Trek light mounting for their Flare 7 and Flare 10 will snap very nicely around the back of the Vapor helmet (and, I"m sure, whatever the next higher up helmet is). Seemed to my sensitive ears that the telltale "we're slowing down because we don't know what that thing up there is" sound was happening at a very nice, comfortably distant distance. The Flare 10 has a couple of LEDs that are sidewards for 360 degrees; I went with that because the "frontward" ones were angled so were good side-angle LEDs (I don't exactly need for lights to face the back of my head ;)) . Something wedged in there would improve the angle a bit ... I'm thinking a bud vase ...

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