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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The storms gave me a window to commute in this a.m. - a fun ride watching the psychedelia to the North and getting in as the edge arrived wtih big floppy drops.

Gotta love Parkland... I leaned my bike almost lying down against the bike rack to beat the wind to it. Went out at lunch - storms were gone, and the bike was neatly standing up.

Went to bike shop. Got tube for Schwinn. Didn't get patches because they revealed themselves on the sofa (they were *not* there last night or the night before.... hmmm.... maybe the same elf that put 'em out where I could see them stood the bike up for me, too.) Scot wore a t-shirt with a bicycle graphic and the words "Powered by Fat." Said he'd seen a sticker that said "You look fat in that SUV." Snork...

"Powered by fat" -- love it!

Those midwestern storms are awesome. I've been caught out in the middle of nowhere a couple of times when I used to live in Sidney. I'd start out from my home and an hour later be surrounded by lightning, hailstones, and tornado sirens.
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