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Friday, August 24, 2007

Rode with the women's ride last night (the men stood me up :)). I *like* riding in a group that really slows down for the corners where you can't see around the corn, and when a car's coming, we go single file (with the other groups, cars coming or going - they gotta go 'round... whcih makes sense when there are 14 of us 'cause single file we'd be half a mile long sometimes, but I still *prefer* being in a group of four and neatly folding over). We still went fast.
Besides, they reminded me that Sunday is the Coal City Bike Psychos Century ride, which I put out of my mind 'cause of the LIB meeting, which got postponed. Sweet!!
(But... I still like riding with my guys better. They also stop for corners and give room for cars, but I can make more sense out of the conversations :))

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