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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Okay, what am I doing putting in comments what wants to be blogged? Pardon the utter redundancy...

I was selling "real bikes" to yet another Adult Who Wants TO Buy A Bike and was thinking Wally World tonight. I b'lieve I did a good job. Main points: Service (before, during and after purchase) , product quality (parts that can wear out and be replaced instead of "get a new bike"), and ... "there are still thriving bike shop businesses. If it weren't genuinely a better deal, they would have gone out of business like so many other places that Wally World has put out of business."
Gosh, you'd think I'd been helping English 101 students write persuasive papers or something (I have... though not about bicycles.)

Pain is fear, leaving the body. Welp, that's what Mr. Ashley's T-shirt says. Or maybe it was "pain is weakness, leaving the body," which is what somebody else posted somewhere that reminded me, and I modified it to suit what would inspire me. Hope he makes/made it back from Iraq with a few shreds of sanity. And I shall hold the thought when things get ouchy... or scary. (Hmmm... so when you're scared, you should ride until it hurts?)

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