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Saturday, August 11, 2007

37 miles toward the cause with the Saunter plus pre-and-post miles. (37 miles/day avg. x 30 days = 1110 miles; 1 more for a nice sounding 1111 mile month. SOmeone asked whether people who get that many miles have lives ;) ... yea, we just don't have *cars.* )

Poster and registration
for the Fritz Miericke Memorial Ride to the Depot coming on Sept. 30. Just saying we lost a good one last January isn't quite enough. Waking up the Depot ride is a good idea - it's great scenery (even if the roads kinda lumpy) and hey, you might even see some wild White Heathens out there!!!

C-U Across the prairie is sooner, tho - get that registration in! It's a neat ride from Lake of the Woods in Mahomet.

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