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Thursday, July 26, 2007

What? I haven't blathered enough?

I dropped by MinusCar and found this quote from here tho' the "PDF" doesn't say this so I guess you'll have to listen:
“Many people go out to a garage, get into a car, windows up, air conditioning on, garage door up, drive to parking garage, get out into building, windows sealed, air conditioning, back out, into car, air conditioned, windows up, drive back to home, door up, in, door down, into air conditioned home and then say things like, ah, God just seems far away.”

THis quote resonates with my assorted innards, remembering discovering that feeling of vulnerability commuting on the bicycle - but also that sense of being closer to the real world instead of insulated from it.

And oh, boy, if I were into these things... I'd look at this "monocog"

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