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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nice, boring commutes these past days tho' I want to find otu why the blue bike is downright uncomfortable past 50 miles.

So now Vino tests positive for... two different kinds of blood? That's so dumb that it makes me suspect a frame... except that when it comes to winning, people do *really* dumbthings. It's the nature of the warrior mentality to gamble it all 'cause you only hear the stories told by the winners, not the ones left on the sidelines or the ones whose gambles didn't pay off. THey should all go out and hunt whales - they have good songs, too...

Trying to think of ways to work in centuries here and there so I can get 1000-mile months for the rest of the year ;) Welp, it would be fitting channeling of unspent other energies.

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