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Monday, July 30, 2007

Interesting riding weekend. Yes, I got in that metric's worth Saturday, with a few extra laps... and I got in a dawn ride Sunday (I think that was a function of the Belgian Ale). By Sunday night, though, the backside was complaining. There are disadvantages to whittling off the insulation... gonna try raising the seat a hair to see if that helps. is an interesting and plausible (to my not-too-knowledgeable self) explanation of "why are there still all these big doping busts in pro cycling?" (Yes, swiped from Cycle-licious ;))
Need 60-odd miles to make 1000 for July, so it just might be a sleep deprived week 'cause other stuff has to happen too and there are guests around. How do people with real lives do it? I want to run away to Montana :)

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