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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Had a meeting yesterday with public safety at work about the "all hazards emergency plan" (or some such title). Of course, part of the discussion wandered around towards "how to walk around so you're less likely to get mugged." When he mentioned the side effect of having more people greet you (because you're more interactive in your stance and expression, I realized (blink!) that indeed, my "assertive" riding has translated into my walking and *that's* probably why I'm greeted ever so much more often. ]
We had a ChampaignCountyBikes meeting that went well except that by the end of it we were one bicycle lighter ... at least two bikes were "poached" from the rack (one of ours, one somebody else's). Grrrrrrrrr..... I gotta wonder if I'd grabbed the chain instead of the U if the Xgtra might have disappeared, too but the U was closer. (It was a nifty fixie that got swiped. Would hope it was a joyrider who promptly crashed but alas just as likely somebody who recognized the resale value.)
It's not as hot and steamy as it was... it was almost hot and steamy like Virginia hot and steamy like old memories with no where to go if they get woken up. I'm renting a car and driving a million miles tomorrow (yes, I'll *drive* more miles than I ride this month by a factor of at least 2 or 3. Missions of mercy every one tho' this one has crabs at the other end.) I'll log the costs to discern if flying owuld be cheaper (but flying means not taking the bike... but one could start thinking "folding bike" and it occurred to me two people could share one especially since both of us are the types to not want to be selfish about it.)

Ask everyone you know if they, or anyone they know personally, ever got mugged. I'd be surprised if you an affirmative from anyone.

I have rented bikes on my last two business trips. It's a great way to spend the free time instead of camping in the bar every evening.
um, actually... I'm old. Several affirmatives in the assorted assaults categories, tho' for me personally it's in the "coulda been" category (that man standing next to my bed with the sock in his hand at 2 a.m.... I don't *think* he was tidying up for me, especially since he said he was looking for stuff to steal.)

My conferences tend to be a little like camp. There's just so much to talk about!! Squeezing in riding is a challenge... tho' usually there's at least *one* time slot I feel like I could skip.
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