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Thursday, July 19, 2007

From yesterday:
I had genuine rain this morning, though not particularly heavy, and knew I'd run late, especially since my power was out. I found that bag of wind up lights with radios in the closet (the Christmas Gift for Everybody and everybody didn't come so there were some left over) and one of 'em worked and the local station didn't say the whole town was out so I got on the Gazelle and splashed on in. We had fairly enthusiastic storms earlier so what was a foot deep yesterday at Country Fair was probably deeper today so I went around. There was also a fair amount of debris.
The Xtra wanted to go but then the left saddlebag holds water and even though it rides great (with the fenders and internal brakes and gears), then I have to do major cleaning. Since the Gazelle even has "internal chain" it's only my wicker pie basket that suffers and it hasn't dissolved yet. (Yes, I was told I strongly resembled the wicked witch of the west yesterday )
Coming home two things: first, on Country Fair, a sudden, surprised shriek: "SIOUX!!!" from a car. I gave a hearty wave back at whoever that was sailing off in the opposite direction, and wondered if that's what it was like to be George Harrison. If everybody rode bikes would that not happen? Or would we still look at people?
Then I went by and had the reverse with that newly constructed house with the really neat flamboyant garden all over its front yard. We smiled at each other and I was compelled to wave "Lovely!" and she laughed...

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