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Thursday, June 07, 2007

WINDY day today.

Got an email that Trek will decide TOMORROW. So, we shall get a test of the accuracy of my ESP, and I can hold my breath for ONE MORE DAY :-) She said there were 2000 applicants - but perhaps only because it was only an e-mail away. I am sure that my essay wasn't one of the ones that evoked tears or whatever... what was I saying about the downsides of Vulcanhood?

A post on the Team Estrogen forum talks about drivers in central Virginia killing cyclists and the subsequent tensions. I still wonder how much I would ride if I still lived in that part of the world. It's beautiful - but windy, hilly roads and lots of pickup trucks going fast. Here's hoping the folks there will get some advocacy moving, and that people can discover there's room for all of us. Now, I don't know *where* in "central" Virginia we're talking about - if it's really Northern VIrginia... welp, that's a different kettle of squid.

I took the South route today because the bike wanted to go that way. I parked the bike lying down to pre-empt being blown down. Now I'm going to ride to the department picnic where we can get all blowed away :)

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