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Friday, June 01, 2007

The weather was reasonably cooperative. The pretend showers stopped for a 6:30 blast-out-and-ride 20 miler, and then the winds died down again for our moonlight 9-person pilgrimage to St. Boniface. The first ride featured an almost eerie lack of automobile and especially bicycle traffic. Finally we saw one of each towards the end, so we knew the zombies hadn't attacked.
Today was a 'regular commute' with a long loop home. Have almost-calibrated speedometer on the red bike, but it was pretty windy so the fact I was working hard to get to 12 mph doesn't mean I don't want to take Big Red to GITAP which is in a couple of weeks.

Those moonlight rides are so nice. Except when a sudden viscious storm passes overhead.

We were out in the country with nowhere to hide. We got wet, but we also have a story to tell.
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