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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Link deserving of periodic posting:

Efficiency vs. communication

I was riding back with Frank who has lots of urban riding experience. I noticed that he is a bit more efficient than I at any given intersection; he regularly anticipates 'the gap' and accelerates.
I think, however, that this is not a habit I'm going to develop unless/until our traffic flow demands higher efficiency. I'm thinking that there's a Law of Perceived (aha! perception... perceive... is *that* why it's ei after c?)
... back on track here...
A Law of Perceived Risk: if I'm accelerating forward, and you start accelerating forward, even if I'm going to clear our potential point of intersectoin before you, I'm going to perceive a higher risk of collision. I'm going to process, at the back of my fermented brain, "crazy biker! they always run stop signs! I don't know how they survive![they should be on bike paths... where I won't *see* them do that until I hit'em]" even though mathematically his acceleration from that position isn't anythign like risky.

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