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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I get to join the ranks of Howard of "old people who get amazing compliments." (see his blog June 14, 2007). Those guys in the car with the assorted horn-tootings musta been blinded by the legs and didn't see the spare tire :-) It's another advantage of cycling - you're moving, so imperfections are blurred.
After riding in more populous areas on GITAP I'm ever so much more so appreciative of our low percentage of Nasty Busy Roads.
My poor chain is grinding away. Sunday I had a pretty good excuse - armed and dangerous man at large in the neighborhood, so I figured trips back and forth to the garage weren't a good idea (even if by the time I got home - in a car 'cause sometimes a cage is a good thing - he'd swiped that car and was on his way to Champaign... but I had no way of knowing). Last night I just couldn't find the stuff to clean it... a trip to the hardware or bike store is in order. Bike shop will also tell me where else to put the stuff so I'll pay extra for a different label and get the knowledge, too...

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