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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am back!
I have learned a few things.
I got rained on on Saturday - the last day, so we didn't have to deal with wet things in camp. I learned that a generator light is an excellent thing for when you are in a short-sleeve jersey in a damp cool rain and aren't quite pumping out the calories you want to - turn that thing on and the same speed that keeps you with your buddies and happy on the slimy, twisty, hilly trail also keeps you warm.
And sometimes space is good, I think.
I learned how sweeeet disk/drum brakes feel on a slimy, twisty steep trail when you are a Complete Weenie (I still walked down one of those hills). Yea, other people walk up hills, I know - I did that for one of 'em.
I learned a long wheel base will keep you up whne you slide out on a square wooden dowelly thing.
I learned that you can just power on up a hill if you didn't mind breathing hard for a while -- oops, I already knew that, but hadn't been reminded in a while.
This guy was there on a Waterford similarly accoutrementified and had similar reasons for choosing it for the tour. It is a nifty bike.
There were neat people from Iowa who shared the Sunrise cafe with us in Wisconsin and gave me another nifty light; there were oh, the usual irregulars as well. Karma worked - I told Frank to take the map when I decided to head back to camp earlier on the layover day, and yes, around thea corner were three folks also heading back who had a map but hadn't (as I had) come in that route which wasn't *really* described on the map.
I didn't get tired. I got my picture in the Rockford Register Star in color in psychedelic rainbows and circles and my pig eared helmet. Silly reporter wanted us to ignore her since gosh, I was just smiling right at her that first picture. Snork. She don't get endorphins, do she? I made a point of being *in* the road and not on the shoulder but the caption nonetheless describes us as "along route ___," not on it.
I decided that _The Road_ really isn't a good book that I didn't "get." It really is an absurd, disconnected story with HOllywood schmaltz that Oprah finds moving. Hey, I find lots of schmaltzy stuff moving, too but generally stuff with other endearing qualities. He could have put that whole story into 1/7 of the space and made the "no matter how horrible it is, you can still love your son" point. The plot was predictable and contrived. I mean, (SPOILER) at the end of the survival story and death scene, voila! the kid meets a nice family. What if they'd met that family (and hadn't been afraid to talk to anybody before then) before? Gosh, the stupid story could have ended a lot sooner.

Welcome back to cyber world.

You know, having tried to read a couple of Oprah recommended books, I have come to the conclusion that kickbacks are the norm to get her to sign off on a book. I really don't think she reads all that much with her schedule.
Welcome back, Sue. Glad you enjoyed the trip.
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