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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Bradley entrance to Parkland is still closed... I'm thinkng that their projected opening was with a "yea, but it doesn't actually matter until next week when summer classes really start."
Don't miss the car yet. (Haven't canceled the insurance yet, either, though.)
My legs are tired. FAST (for me) miles yesterday in some pretty stiff wind, and a grande total of 58 miles - I did a gratuitous 2 to put me on the "1000 mile month" pace. I didn't, however, have it in me to add 5 more to make it 100 km.
Saw eight bikes or so on the trip in. This is pretty early, though, and will be obscenely early next week when we go to the four-day week - I'm a morning person but the notion of 7:30 *work* just doesn't seem right. However, I've nudged bedtime a little earlier the past few days, prob'ly directly connected to riding HARD... and avoiding Looking For THe Wallet. Haven't remembered to Consider Gravity at the same time I was looking for it though - since it would seem that I should have already found it if it were really Where I Put It Last. THe Invisible Places Like That would be pockets, corners, bookshelves, doorknobs-of-open-doors (since the wallet's on a big string). I am suspecting that it is Where I PUt It Last... and Gravity or Nudges Shoved It Behind Or Under something.
So! Tonight I will devote half an hour to The Quest.

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