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Friday, May 18, 2007

Yesterday's fun:

Pause at LBS for wrestling and lubrication and yes to pick up charger.
Going up John. Meet 7.2FX at Mattis/John. Take off and he goes to sidewalk; I do street and gain many yards. Classify him as sidewalk newbie.
He is beside me, asking "How does that work?" I explain Xtra. He is impressed. He's also having no trouble keeping up but it's uphill and I *am* carrying a flogging battery charger! But on the downhill he says "now it is fun," but I speed up too.
But at Prospect he goes right, and sprints out into the left lane, dodges traffic and bounds to sidewalk and then is on the road again one block up continuing East (as we were on John).
So I think he is that guerilla style commuter that uses both sidewalk and street for max efficiency (as young males would be prone to)... I considered the options and figured that those transitions from sidewalk to street were a little too risky for my taste (and acceleration).

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